“We shape in relation” An introduction to Developmental Somatic Psycotherapy (DSP) by Ruella Frank

This is an introduction to developmental theory in a Gestalt therapy framework. Dr. Ruella Inspired by Stern and Merleau-Ponty, Dr. Ruella Frank has done research on children and mothers’ non-verbal communication, their movements in relation. Based on this research she has constructed a coherent theory of movement that I will link to other Gestalt theories.

In this workshop I introduce the DSP framework; the fundamental movements, dimensions and qualities. It is a practice and not techniques hence learning, in line with Gestalt phenomenological methodology, happens through experience. The workshop will combine experiments, experience and reflections and we will apply the theory to your own experiences to use it for your own development as well as in therapeutic practice. I want to create a safe environment where we can create, experiment and experience this profound and beautiful theory.
Vibeke Visnes is a Gestalt trained therapist from the Norwegian Gestalt Institute, Norway and Metanoia Institute, UK. She has done Advanced Training in Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy with Dr. Ruella Frank. She is also a trained supervisor in Gestalt from the Norwegian Gestalt Institute and the Istituto di Gestalt with Margherita Spagnulo Lobb in Italy. She is a tutor at the Norwegian Gestalt Institute and has her private practice in Oslo, www.ba21.no and www.visnes.no.
Maximum number of particiants is 12.
When? 3-31. March 2020 (Monday-Tuesday) 9AM-5PM
Where? Budapest, Tátra u 14.
Cost: 250 EUR

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