International Paris Research Conference

Prenosimo obavijest EAGT ureda: The International Paris Research Conference has been a success. This is the evidence that research in the Gestalt therapy community is of real interest for practitioners worldwide! In order to give our global community a feedback of this event we have reorganised our website. You can access the videos of the three plenaries, you can download some of the papers of our numerous presenters and a forum which can help people discuss their topics of interest and keep in touch…

People who did not attend are welcome too: any people can access the website if he gets an account. And it is easy to create a new one or to ask for a new password if you lost it.

If you had been previously registered and you want to get a new password, first ask for it on the account page. You will get an email with a link through which a new password is suggested. You can change it if you want a more convenient one. Copy it and click on the « reset » button. Then follow the login link: you will be driven back to the account page where you enter your new password…

Here is the link on to the website:

Please tell your colleagues around you to come and visit what has been achieved ! Thank you and enjoy your visit !

Vincent Beja
in behalf of the Paris Conference 2017 organising committee

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